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February 2, 2020
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Mendocino Film Festival

Take a Cinematic Journey at the Mendocino Film Festival.
Discover Beauty On-Screen and Off MAY 28-31, 2020

The best films transport us, as surely as any plane, train, or automobile, to another world. Stories that resonate with us introduce us to unfamiliar subjects and territory, empower us to seek change, illustrate fundamental truths, and sometimes—on rare occasions—do all three. And here in Mendocino, the rare is more common than you’d think…

Nestled in the stunning setting of rolling hills, towering trees, and misty valleys, the Mendocino Coast practically demands that visitors draw inspiration from its wild and rugged beauty. The region has featured in dozens of films, the earliest shot in 1904.

Starting in 2006, the heirs to that century of cinematic history have gathered every year to celebrate the power of cinema to unite and transform us. Early on, the festival attracted titans of the industry, including Sydney Pollack (who helped found it), Albert Maysles, and Haskell Wexler. The tradition continues today: world-class filmmakers, renowned activists, hilarious comedians, acclaimed artists, and talented musicians grace the red carpet, special events and performances, Q&As, and local establishments throughout Festival Weekend.

Under the guidance of Program Director Claudia Puig (who also serves as president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association), the festival has elevated its program to new heights, screening award-winning films and welcoming an exciting lineup of special guests from around the world. Once you’ve experienced the riveting program and Mendocino’s coastal camaraderie in this magnificent setting, you’ll want to return year after year.

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