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April 30, 2018
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Mendocino Cannabis Dispensaries Guide.

A Guide to Mendocino’s Cannabis Dispensaries

On January 1, 2018, California legalized both recreational and medical marijuana, and for visitors to the Golden State, this summer is already being touted as “The Green Rush.” Mendocino County’s cannabis community is ready and thrilled to be able to share the “fruits of the harvest” with a larger audience.

Prior to legalization, the county’s dispensaries were limited to serving medical marijuana patients. Now, from Ukiah’s inland corridor to Gualala on our south coast, 13 state-licensed dispensaries are serving the public, each with their own focus and style, each employing informed, engaged staff and each carrying a diverse assortment of cannabis products.

To purchase cannabis, you must be 21 years of age or older with valid identification. Because most banks won’t honor dispensaries, it’s a good idea to bring cash. New to cannabis? Don’t be shy. Dispensary staff is well-trained to help new and returning cannabis consumers find the best products. Gratuities are always appreciated, and the local and state taxes you pay are helping bolster both county and state economies.

Like wineries, every dispensary is completely unique, forged by the expertise of the owners and the types of products and services offered. What they have in common is the commitment to the provision of healthy cannabis products, excellent consumer education and most importantly, much-needed support for Mendocino County’s artisan farmers and craft cannabis producers.

SOL DE MENDOCINO. 10470 Lansing St., Mendocino.
707-937-3123. www.SolDeMendocino.com
Sol de Mendocino (formerly Love In It) has been serving medical cannabis patients in the heart of Mendocino Village since 2011, and recreational customers since January 2018. Whether a long-time cannabis user, coming back after a hiatus, or new to the world of cannabis, the knowledgeable staff will help you find the right products to achieve the results you’re looking for. The specialties are organically-cultivated, sun-grown flowers from small local farms, and carries a wide selection of edibles, tinctures, topicals, cartridges, concentrates, pet products and more, in a variety of THC and CBD ratios. Read More.

THE GREEN ROOM. 138 Main St., Point Arena.
707-320-1918. www.TheGreenRoomCollective.org
The GREEN ROOM is an Adult Use and Medical Use Dispensary located in Point Arena on the HWY 1 Coastal Route. On the southern border to the Emerald Triangle, this area has been steeped in cannabis culture and tradition for decades. Owned by Green Spirit Mendocino LLC this small town dispensary is classy and quaint. Operating since 4/20 2016 the Green Room strives to showcase local Mendocino Products and the highest quality products available in the market today. Offering a wide range of products from Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures, Salves, Vape Cartridges, Accessories and MORE! Our knowledgeable Budtenders have time to help you select the perfect cannabis experience for your needs or wants. Read More.

EMERALD PHARMS. 13771 US-101, Hopland.
707-669-4819. www.EmeraldPharms.com
Next to a bucolic, tree-lined pond within the Real Goods Solar Living Center complex, Emerald Pharms embodies the parallel development of the solar and cannabis industries. “We offer locally-sourced flowers and products that help support healthy lifestyles,” notes general manager Chelsea Lucich. Salves, tinctures, gluten-free edibles and organically crafted products are their specialties, including cannabis oil cartridges infused with THC and hop blends provided by Lagunitas Brewery. Absolute Extract cartridges offer consumers safe, clean cannabis oils free of harmful additives. “Mediquette” is the mission of Emerald Pharms the provision of caring, attentive service and education to all visitors.

KURE WELLNESS. 800 Lake Mendocino Dr., Ukiah.
707-621-5390. www.KureMendocino.com
Russell Green is a farmer who tracked legislative and industry trends for years, opening his Ukiah dispensary in 2015. Kure Wellness offers local products like Beezle Extracts, the winner of an astounding number of cannabis concentrate awards, and esteemed brands that source farther afield. Find pre-rolls, glass, local flowers, edibles and seasonal clones ready for planting. Each of Kure’s flower strains has descriptions outlining effects, a handy option for first-time cannabis consumers or those returning to cannabis. Try Green’s personal strains from his compliant farm, and enjoy the tasting room behind the dispensary, available for on-site consumption. Read More.

LEONARD MOORE COOPERATIVE. 44970 Ukiah St., Mendocino.
707-937-4562. www.TheLMC.org
In 2011, the Leonard Moore Cooperative established the first-ever Cannabis Dispensary and Resource Center Mendocino Village’s 150-year history. True to the pioneering spirit of LMC’s advocacy and activism, visitors will find an atmosphere of education and relaxation. Working with local family farmers, LMC specializes in heirloom varietals showcasing the best that Mendocino County has to offer. Their flagship strain, Ingrid, is sought after by connoisseurs for both its rarity and potency. They offer edibles, concentrates, salve, and vape cartridges. LMC’s amicable staff will consult with you according to your desired effects. “Be it medicinal or recreational, we’ve got you.” Read More.

707-884-1882. www.HighTides.info
High Tides, established in 2015 overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Gualala—the southern gateway to the Emerald Triangle. Their comfortable boutique-like ambiance and experienced staff create an inviting atmosphere, assisting and educating each individual in product selections. Their cannabis products, from tinctures to flowers and topicals, may be reviewed on their website, with extensive inventory from Mendocino Appellations – cannabis grown within 60 miles of High Tides. In-house virtual physician appointments and local deliveries are available, as are cannabis accessories: papers, grinders, glassware and more. High Tides Compassionate Cannabis Care calls themselves “The Dispensary with Heart.”

DRAGONFLY WELLNESS. 17851 CA-1, Fort Bragg.
707-962-0890. www.DragonflyWellness.org
Dragonfly Wellness Center offers a large selection of high-quality craft cannabis flowers, edibles, tinctures, vape pens and oils, serving adult use and medicinal markets, along with healing therapies such as massage, Bowen, acupuncture, and other herbal remedies as part of their commitment to natural, holistic healing. Your health is Dragonfly’s priority. At Dragonfly, you’ll find classes and personal counseling on “How to Choose and Use Your Cannabis Medicine Wisely.” Dragonfly identifies as part of a Mendocino community from which health and wellness are rapidly becoming part of the global mainstream. They are conveniently located near the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. Read More.

SOVEREIGN WELLNESS. 17555 E. Kirtland Way, Fort Bragg.
707-409-9665. www.Sovereign707.org
Sovereign covers the bases “From Soil to Oil” and is well-known for high-quality, award-winning indoor cannabis flowers. “Raising the Bar, Lowering the Price” embodies their commitment to clean cannabis—free from pathogens, pests, and pesticides, produced with the highest industry standards. Sovereign supports community organizations like the Mendocino Children’s Fund, offers non-profit prices and operates a cannabis compassion program for those in need. The “Sovereign” name and emblem embodies their benchmark of luxury, quality, and purity—products worthy of kings.

HERBAN LEGEND. 17875 N. CA-1, Fort Bragg. 707-961-0113.
Herban Legend is honored to be the original, longest operating dispensary in Mendocino County, in business since 2005. Their years in the cannabis industry and their community focus has made Herban Legend a favorite destination for locals, who appreciate the laid-back atmosphere and attentive staff. Don’t hesitate to ask staff about your specific cannabis needs. From their inception, Herban Legend has supported many local charities and events, and are always committed to keeping money local.