Paddle Mendocino Coast

Explore the Mendocino Coast by Canoe, Kayak or More

Seals sun on the sandbar, otters slip through the clear water, a great blue heron takes flight. There is nothing quite like gliding along one of the pristine rivers and estuaries in a Canoe. Want more excitement? Try exploring the coastal bays and sea caves in an ocean kayak. […]
Mendocino Music Festival

Music Festival Has Something Special For Every Taste

Do something special for yourself this summer, and include the Mendocino Music Festival in your July vacation plans. Imagine waking to the sounds of birds and ocean waves outside your window. As you stroll through the lovely gardens about town, you hear the faint strains of trumpets and horns, […]
Mendocino Film Fest

Spectacular Cinema in Stunning Setting at Mendo Film Festival

​What do Sydney Pollack, Albert Maysles, Haskell Wexler, Jasmine Dellal, Will Durst, Metallica’s Robert Trujillo, Roger Ross Williams, and Danny Glover have in common? They’ve all been a part of the Mendocino Film Festival. And with famed film critic and journalist Claudia Puig (president of the Los Angeles Film […]
Flynn Creek Circus

The Circus is Coming to Mendocino County!

For 15 years, Blaze Birge has been bringing circus to captivated audiences in Mendocino County and throughout the world. “I came to Mendocino as a marketing manager for a jewelry company. I found my home in Albion. Shortly thereafter, I ended up abandoning all the other projects in my […]